Ronnie Mund

Ronnie Mund's Bio

Limo Driver/Security Guard

First known to Stern Show fans as Ronnie the Limo Driver, the man behind the wheel of Howard's car has gone on to achieve worldwide fame. Hired by Howard in 1986 as his full-time driver, Ronnie additionally acts as head of security for the Stern Show complex. Ever the tough guy, Ronnie has been known to get easily aggravated on-air and has coined several catchphrases for himself, including, "what's your problem?" "stop the clock!" and "let's f*ck some whores!" When he's not driving Howard around, Mund serves as host of the Ronnie Mund Block Party, touring the country with other Stern Show staffers. Ronnie is a fan of NASCAR and wears Mambo cologne for men.

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