Sal Governale

Sal Governale 's Bio


He would fail a geography or history test miserably but what Sal lacks in common sense, he makes up for in comedic sensibilities. First known to the Stern Show as Sal the Stockbroker, Governale spent years calling in and pranking Gary Dell'Abate on-air. Sal crossed over from fan to employee after coming in second during "Win John's Job" week. Sal is uncircumcised, a fact verifiable by the entire staff as he has no problem being naked while at work. Sal is the proud father of three boys and is married to his wife, Christine. Their marital problems have often been discussed and dealt with on-air, going so far as to have Christine shoot Sal's bare ass with a paint ball gun. While Sal is a married man, he makes no shame in professing his love for his best buddy, Richard Christy. Check out their "Big Meals in Small Places" cooking videos on YouTube!

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