Will Murray

Will Murray 's Bio

Senior Producer

What started out as a phone call from a kid with cancer has lead to a full-time career for Will Murray. It was in 1997 that Howard picked up on 17-year-old Will who was battling Stage IV Hodgkin's. Will believes that phone call to be at least partially responsible for his recovery. A lifelong Stern fan, Will went on to study at Syracuse University, majoring in TV, Radio and Film– three mediums his idol had already mastered. Interning alongside fellow producer Jason Kaplan in 2001, Will soon became Howard's guest researcher, providing copious notes and information on every guest that goes on the show, from Paul McCartney to Jeff the Drunk. His role has since expanded to include booking guests and writing and producing show segments like 'Dumber Than A Box Of Rocks' and 'Win Fred's Money'.

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