February 22, 2005

A caller asked Howard to try to get Kari Ann in the tickle chair in a bikini. Kari Ann said no to that right away because she’s very ticklish and ends up peeing every time she’s tickled. That only made Howard want to tickle her more.

The guys were all egging her on to do it and Kari was starting to waver a little, but she said she didn’t want to be strapped down. Howard said she didn’t have to be strapped down, but Kari didn’t want to be in a bikini either.

Gary came in and offered her plugs and money to do it but she still didn’t want to do it. Howard was going to give up but then Ralph Cirella called in and told Howard to keep working here because she sounded like she could be talked into it. Then Jason Kaplan came in to tell Howard that he had talked to some people, and if she got in a bikini and got in the tickle chair he was authorized to put her picture on the front page of Howardstern.com.

Kari finally agreed and got in a hot, yellow bikini. She allowed Howard to strap her into the chair and Howard made Gary Dell’Abate hold the microphone while wearing a bee’s keeper mask. Kari agreed to be tickled for 30 seconds, but she was laughing so hard when Howard tickled her he had to keep stopping and starting again. She would start to laugh and scream before Howard even touched her. At some point Gary “accidentally” spilled water on her when she asked for a drink. She was laughing so hard she couldn’t even plug her issue of Playboy on stands now. Kari didn’t wet herself but it was still a great tickling experience.

Later, Howard said he couldn’t believe that he tickled a girl so young and said the new rule would be he won’t tickle anyone younger than his oldest daughter. Artie selfishly volunteered to step in for Howard when those moments arise