The Mike Walker Gossip Game: January 14, 2005

Mike WalkerMike WalkerPhoto: The Howard Stern Show

Mike Walker called in to play the Gossip Game. One of these stories is false, the other three are real.

Guess which one is the fake:

#1 - Robert Blake wanted to dye his hair black for his court trial but his attorney told him not to because gray hair will make him look older and therefore more sympathetic to the jurors.

#2 - Melanie Griffith heard that her husband Antonio Banderas was going to strip clubs so she yelled at him and banned him from ever going to one again.

#3 - Ashlee Simpson was eating in restaurant with her mom when the two of them overheard two girls discussing her and her sister Jessica. One was saying how much she didn't like Ashlee while the other defended her. Ashlee left the restaurant but paid for the lunch of the girl who defended her and left her a thank you note.

#4 - Nicole Richie took a nap inside a single seat ladies room in a night club. While she slept, many women lined up outside - dying to use the bathroom. The owner finally had to be called to unlock the door and wake her up. Nicole blamed too much partying for her nap.

Howard and Robin picked story #1 as the fake story while Artie and Fred picked story #2?and the fake story was?.story #3! No one wins!