The Spawn of Howard’s ‘Private Parts’

January 19, 2005

Howard said he’s still amazed at what a big star Paul Giamatti has become. Paul played Pig Virus in “Private Parts” and he was terrific in it. That was Giamatti’s biggest part in a major movie to that point and now his career has exploded. Howard said the director, Betty Thomas, really pushed for him to be in the movie and after three auditions, he got the part. Howard said Paul was able to totally become Pig Virus without ever meeting the guy. Robin said she couldn’t believe how accurately Giamatti nailed the part either and said that when she thinks of Pig Virus now, she thinks of Paul first, not the real guy. Howard said he didn’t get to know Paul that well on the set because he wasn’t a girl and thus, Howard didn’t spend much time talking to him. Howard said there were so many actors who had their careers kick-started or boosted by appearing in “Private Parts”. In terms of career launching movies, it’s turning into the new, “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”. Here is a list of some of the famous people who appeared in “Private Parts” back in 1997: – Paul Giamatti – Now a big movie star, who’s won tons of awards and has a great chance at being nominated for an Oscar this year for his performance in the film, “Sideways”. – Mary McCormack – played Howard’s movie wife. Now has a full time role on the hit NBC show, “The West Wing”. – Allison Janney – played one of Howard’s bosses at the DC station. Went on to star in the movie, “American Beauty” among many others. Emmy winner and regular on the “The West Wing”. – Edie Falco – had a tiny part in Private Parts sitting in the back of a car. Had a few lines, but Howard believes they were cut. Is now a highly acclaimed TV and theater actress. Most famous for her role as Carmella Soprano on, “The Sopranos”. – Leslie Bibb – Played a NBC page in the movie. Went on to star in the TV show, “Popular” and has done a few movies. Also has appeared on numerous magazine covers.