Howard's Long-Awaited Top 10 Lists of 2004

Howard revealed his long anticipated Top 10 lists from 2004. He listed his Top 10 Hottest Girls of 2004 and his Top 10 Biggest A-Holes of 2004. Here they are, with an explanation of how each person got on the list.

Photo: Dean Kirkland / Photorazzi

Top 10 Hottest Chicks of 2004

#10 - Rachel Roy (Damon Dash's new wife) Howard couldn't remember her name, but he remembered she's hot, and really, that's the biggest compliment in the world. #9 - Lisa Ling and Lucy Liu Howard lumped the two together because he couldn't tell them apart - except that they're both hot. #8 - Lindsay Lohan Howard thought he might take some flack for that one, but he doesn't care, he's into her. #7 - Pamela Anderson Not #1 but still on the list. Artie said that day up her hotel room was the greatest day of his life. #6 - Jessica Simpson Howard hates giving her credit because her life is too good, but you can't ignore her beauty. #5 - Julie Chen Or Julie Moonves when she's using her husband Les Moonves' credit card. Howard met her in person while she was with Moonves buying clothes. Les told her that one of her sweaters was too tight but Howard thought it was perfect. He said she was so hot in person it was unbelievable. #4 - Angelina Jolie Robin commented on how low Howard ranked her. He said that is because there are new girls who have come along. #3 - Petra Nemcova (the Tsunami chick) Howard checked out all her pictures on the internet - she's the real deal. #2 - Jolene Blalock Even though Howard is the only person still talking about her, and constantly telling her how hot she is, she has not been back on the show since her first appearance. But she's still one of Howard's all-time favorites. #1 - Evangeline Lilly (from "LOST") Smoke-Ing-Hot. Noticeable absences: 1. Beth Ostrosky. Howard said she really is the hottest girl to him, but he's sleeping with her so it doesn't count for the list. 2. Carmen Electra - Howard thinks she may be pregnant. 3. Charlize Theron - Played a really ugly woman in "Monster" so now she's off Howard's list. 4. Kelly Clarkson, Nikki Ziering, Tera Patrick, Jesse Jane and Kelly Ripa all narrowly missed the top 10. Coming soon (we hope): Ralph Cirella's top list of women who lost their hot looks in 2004!

Top 10 A-Holes of 2004

#10 J-Lo Howard said she made the list because she's been courting the press her entire career and now all of a sudden she wants them to back off. She went from an ultra publicized relationship with Ben Affleck to a suddenly ultra secret one with Marc Anthony. Worst of all, after calling herself and her album, J-Lo, and asking us all to buy into it -- which we did -- she now hates being called J-Lo. Too bad. #9 - Rush Limbaugh He spent all this time bashing President Clinton for his moral failings and screaming for even casual drug users to be locked up, while he was busy securing massive amounts of oxycontin for himself. #8 - Michael Powell There's a wealth of material regarding Howard's opinion on Powell. #7 - Jayson Williams He went from killing his limo driver to wanting to play basketball again. Robin said the most disturbing thing about his case is that the limo driver was still alive after being shot, but instead of getting him help, everyone was busy trying to cover up what happened. #6 - Jay Leno He has no talent, steals other people's material and sucks the life out of everyone. He's a freak. #5 - Marc Anthony Joining his wife J-Lo on the list. He left his pregnant wife to be with J-Lo and then immediately married. Howard said that was a dick move. Robin loved how that was a bigger offense to Howard than murdering someone. #4 - Scott Peterson Killing his pregnant wife. Enough said. #3 - Star Jones Artie laughed when Howard said that. He said it's funny that she's a bigger A-hole than Scott Peterson is. Howard said she's on the list for thinking the entire world cared about her wedding. She's also on the list for seemingly ignoring her new husband's questionable past. Howard said she's celebrating her wedding and everyone is laughing at her and she seems to have no idea. #2 - Bill O'Reilly Howard said O'Reilly is another guy telling everyone how to live their lives and meanwhile he paid off a woman who accused him of all sorts of wacky stuff. Plus he sells all that garbage on his website. #1 - Josh Brolin He hit his piece-of-ass wife, Diane Lane. That automatically makes him the #1 a-hole. Artie thought Howard was going to name Ronnie the Limo Driver for buying him that gigantic limo. Howard laughed and said that would have been a good one too.