The Mike Walker Gossip Game: January 28, 2005

Mike WalkerMike WalkerPhoto: The Howard Stern Show

Before the Gossip Game with Mike Walker started today, Howard and Mike got into a discussion about Mike's unorthodox marriage. Mike is currently in Palm Beach with his wife, but because of their schedules, he only actually sees her about 8-10 weeks a year! Robin couldn't believe that Mike was actually with a woman and Howard asked him if he was really gay. Mike said he was most certainly straight and married, but he couldn't put his wife on the phone at the moment. Mike said he has never cheated on his wife, and said he'd be in trouble, ''if he was caught,'' (which naturally lead everyone to be believe that he has cheated on his wife, she just hasn't caught him yet). Mike said his wife is terrific and never harasses him about where he's been or what he's doing, etc. Robin said that there are a lot of couples who have relationships like Walker's.

Without further ado, one of these stories is false:

1) Ben Stiller's SUV was about to be towed when he offered the tow truck drivers free tickets to his movie ''Meet the Fockers''. When the drivers told him they had already seen the movie, Stiller acted out a funny scene from the film to avoid being towed.

2) Paris Hilton was shopping in a store the other day when her dog - Tinkerbell - peed on an expensive coat. Paris offered to buy the coat, but the store owners said they would just send it out and have it dry cleaned.

3) Simon Cowell's girlfriend was not happy when she saw an episode of American Idol where Simon kissed Paula Abdul. Paula wasn't happy about the kiss either and her lawyers contacted the show to make sure it would never happen again.

4) Brad Pitt was driving a friend around when he asked his buddy to get a pair of sunglasses out of glove compartment. Inside the glove compartment, his friend found a bag of gray powder. When the friend asked Pitt what the heck was it, Pitt told him it was dried bat Angelina Jolie had given him to ward off accidents.

Howard picked story #3, Robin and Artie picked #4 and Fred picked #1, (because he said, "There were no funny scenes in 'Meet the Fockers'"). And the false story was...#3! Howard wins again!