Taylor Rain, Miss Howard Stern, and the One Called 'Zotard'

Photo: PRPhotos

Porn Star Taylor Rain called in from the AVNs in Vegas where she's up for several awards this year. Apparently, she was calling from Zolar's hotel room where Miss Howard Stern was sleeping. Howard immediately wanted to know if Taylor had had sex with Zolar, which she assured him she had not. Zolar did say he had seen her have sex with another guy while they were filming a scene for a new movie. He said she has the "cutest little cookie" he had ever seen. Not bad for a janitor.

Zolar said he was out there managing Miss Howard Stern, so Howard asked him to put her on the phone. Zolar tried to wake her up by sweet talking her and then tried yelling at her, but she wouldn't get on the phone. She called back later in the show to say that although "Zotard" (her words) was her manager for any work HE got her, she was currently looking for a "real" agent too.