Filling the Hole

Howard announces Tim Sabean will be his new program director at Sirius

Howard started off the show announcing that Tim Sabean, the former Viacom program director at WYSP in Philadelphia, is going to be the new program director for his channels at SIRIUS.

Howard noted that everyone in the industry was talking about the move yesterday, because Tim had been such an important person at Viacom for 15 years.

Howard brought up that Tim always attended the company's yearly meeting in New York, but would never reveal what happened behind closed doors no matter how badly he wanted to know. Howard admitted that he liked that kind of attitude, which was one of the reasons why he hired Tim.

Howard went on to say that the heads of Viacom immediately fired Tim as soon as he informed them of his decision. After she heard this, Robin wanted to know why they were the only ones who couldn't get fired after they announced they were leaving the company.

Tim called in and explained that he had packed his bag Friday, so he was prepared to get canned when he went public with his career change. He told Howard that he is moving his family to the city this week and that he starts at SIRIUS on Monday.

Howard pointed out just how little he knew about Tim's personal life, because he was told that Tim was divorced and that a move to New York wouldn't be a big deal because he had no family.

Although that wasn't true, Tim explained that his kids are grown and that his wife is thrilled with his new job, so there will be no problems relocating. Tim added that it was a tough decision to leave Viacom because of the good relationship he had with the