No Man on Man at the Mansion

The original Playboy, Hugh Hefner called in to talk about a magazine signing he was doing in the city later in the day. Howard brought up that he had heard from several reliable sources that Hef watches gay pornos when he has orgies with the Playmates in his bedroom.

However, Hef promised Howard the allegations weren't true. Hef went on to explain that there are always X-rated videos on in the background during such occasions, but added that they were always of the heterosexual variety. Howard said that Hef's word on this subject was good enough for him and Artie agreed.

No Baby's Daddy

Because so many girls had told him they were involved in Hef's orgies, Howard asked what actually goes on during the sessions. Hef explained that the women who choose to participate must first bathe and are then given numbers so they know when it is their time to perform. Hef also revealed that he doesn't wear protection during the acts, but claimed he has never gotten a girl who wasn't his wife pregnant.

Howard mentioned that he heard Hef has been able to avoid impregnating women because he likes to finish in a place that would make it impossible to do so. Despite his suggestive words, Hef informed Howard that he has avoided being responsible for any unwanted pregnancies because he knows what he is doing during sex.

Three Times the Fun

Hef told Howard that he would be accompanied to his autograph session this afternoon by his three girlfriends, all of whom appear in the pages of this month's "Playboy." Howard had a copy of the magazine, and commented that all his girlfriends looked amazing. Hef admitted that he does have a perfect life and that he isn't afraid to say so.