The Election Takes Shape

Howard reported to Beetle that he'll be one of about 20 Wack Packers put into a room to decide who the leader of the group should be. Howard explained that in addition to the process being broadcast on SIRIUS, he also wants the proceeding to be conducted in a storefront with big glass windows so people can walk by and witness what's going on.

Beetle informed Howard that, since he is the head leader, he was sure he'd take home the ultimate distinction. Howard then mentioned that he had heard Beet had retired from singing, which he hoped wasn't true. Beetle replied that he did, in fact, think about putting his singing career on the backburner, but admitted he has since decided otherwise.

Safe Sex 101

Just to see if Beetlejuice actually does know how to put on a condom by himself, Howard had the guys get him one and asked him to demonstrate his technique in the studio. Noting that Beetle got the condom wrapper open right away, Howard thought Beet was actually telling the truth about his ability. Gary pointed out that Beetle seemed to be taking a long time getting the condom on because he may not have been in the right "state" to put it on, but eventually he was able to do so. After he was done, Beet removed the condom and looked to hand it to someone, but no one wanted to touch it. Robin ended up giving Gary a paper bag so he could discard the condom properly.