Not Much News From the Aliens

Riley Martin, the self-proclaimed friend of the aliens, called in to give Howard some information that was reported to him by the aliens about Hurricane Katrina.

Howard asked Riley why he didn't warn anyone about the disaster before it happened if he actually knew it was coming.

Riley responded that he chose to keep quiet about the situation because there are already enough doom sayers out there. He also added that he never signed on to be Howard's psychic friend, so he had no obligation to speak about the disaster prior to its occurrence.

Despite his reasoning, Howard informed Riley that the main reason people don't believe what he says is because he always calls in after events happen. Riley insisted, though, that he predicted in his book written in the late 1980s that Hurricane Katrina would devastate the Gulf Coast.

Spaced Invaders

Riley went on to explain that Hurricane Katrina was caused because of global warming. When Howard told Riley that was the explanation experts have been giving since the hurricane hit, Riley commented that he was just reiterating their point.

Riley added that the destruction caused by Katrina will eventually benefit the poor people who were affected by it, because they will have jobs and houses waiting for them when the area is rebuilt, two luxuries Riley said they didn't possess before the disaster.

Robin couldn't believe this was all the information the aliens reported to Riley. She then asked what areas will be hit next by such a tragedy. Riley warned Robin that more storms and diseases are on their way, but he wouldn't give anymore details. Since he had no real information about the hurricane, Robin advised Riley to ask the aliens about different topics in the future, like whether or not Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher are actually married.