A Real Class Act

After a break, Howard said that while Aiko and her mother were having their pictures taken in the green room, Sal snuck behind them, pulled back his eyes and made buckteeth.

Sal admitted that he may have crossed the line with his behavior. Sal added that, because the pictures were taken with Aiko's mom's camera, she would see him doing his impression when she got the film developed.

Howard informed Sal that everyone was in a great mood this morning, but that he was getting carried away.

Gary mentioned that when Sal is in the office, he has incredible highs and lows. Gary explained that whenever Howard scolded Sal for something, he would be depressed for the rest of the day. Conversely, though, Gary said that whenever Howard used any of Sal's bits, he became ecstatic.

In and Out of the Can

Ronnie the Limo Driver noted that whenever Sal sees a pretty girl in the green room, he talks to her for a minute, and then immediately goes into the bathroom. Although Ronnie felt Sal's bathroom trips were too quick for him to actually do the deed while inside, Ronnie was convinced Sal would go into the john just to touch himself a little. Sal responded that, as the associate producer of the show, he welcomes all the guests who are in the green room, regardless of who they are.

Sal also claimed that he has never pleasured himself in the bathroom after talking to an attractive girl in the green room. To see if he was actually telling the truth, Howard demanded that Sal swear on the lives of his children that he never masturbated in the bathroom after talking to women in the green room, but Sal wouldn't do so. Howard pointed out that Sal's refusal to take the oath clearly meant he was lying.

Another Great Day at Home

Gary talked about the fact that Sal has had another tough week on the home front. Sal explained that Monday night he put his kids to bed and then went into his bedroom to go to sleep himself.

However, Sal said he noticed the bed wasn't made up, and that his wife was busy writing thank you notes. Sal went on to note that his wife instructed him to go sleep in bed with one of their kids, which he did.

No Rest for the Wicked

Sal mentioned that the next morning, after feeding his kids and putting his youngest child in a playpen to watch television, he took a nap on the couch until 9:30. After he got up, Sal recalled that his wife approached him and asked, "What did you forget to do?" Sal went through a mental list of things he does around the house, but couldn't think of an answer to his wife's question. As it turned out, Sal said his wife was mad at him for not placing the couch cushions back to their normal positions after he awoke. Howard noted that if he worked as hard as Sal did and his wife said that to him, he would've lit the couch on fire and thrown it out the window so she wouldn't have to worry about the cushions anymore.

Remove Your Shoes

To make matters worse, Sal pointed out that he had to go to a funeral on Tuesday, and that he agreed to give Joey Boots a ride to the service. Apparently Joey was unfamiliar with his wife's "no shoes in the house rule," because Joey left on his shoes when he entered the home. Sal reported that this drove his wife ballistic. Joey called in to say that, as Sal was getting ready for the funeral, his wife was telling him she had to re-clean the whole house because he left his shoes on.

Time to Face the Facts

Howard informed Sal that he does too much work at his house for someone who has a full-time job. Howard added that because of his generosity, Sal's wife now expects too much from him. Howard went on to say that he wouldn't put up with that kind of situation, but he knew Sal would do anything his wife demanded. Howard then insisted that Sal leave the studio because he was getting too worked up over Sal's family life.