Billy Gibbons, one of the founding members of ZZ Top, stopped by the studio to play some music and discuss his new book, "Rock + Roll Gearhead." Howard admitted that he often wears sunglasses because he wants to hide his face, and he wondered if Billy's beard serves the same purpose.

Billy responded that he has never shaved his facial hair, and that Howard may be on to something with his theory on why he has let it grow to its current length. Billy went on to note that the beard has gotten caught in his guitar before, and that keeping it involves a major commitment on his part. When Howard reported that he has found having short hair much easier to wash than the long 'do he used to sport, Billy told him he doesn't have that problem because he doesn't bathe.

Picture Book and Hendrix

Billy mentioned that "Rock + Roll Gearhead" is a coffee-table book that showcases pictures of his cars and guitars. He added that he wrote the introduction to the book that offers a summary of its contents.

Billy also pointed out that the guitar he had with him in the studio, which was made of cigar boxes from the 1920s and has only four strings, is the kind of unique guitar featured in the book.

Howard wondered what Billy's relationship with Jimi Hendrix was like, seeing as his band at the time, The Moving Sidewalks, used to tour with The Jimi Hendrix Experience. Billy told Howard that the two of them were friends and that Jimi did things that were not supposed to be done with the guitar.

Billy acknowledged that he and Jimi constantly got high when they got together, but that it was during a time when that kind of behavior ran rampant. Billy went on to note that he no longer does illegal drugs, but that he does have a drink now and again.

Billy and His Little Buddy

Following acoustic performances of some of ZZ Top's greatest hits, including "Tush," "Tube Snake Boogie" and "The Grange," Billy announced that he's getting married for the first time in his life. Billy mentioned that he has been seeing his finance, Gilligan, for 20 years, and that, since his wild days are behind him, he decided it was time to take the plunge. Gary reported that he was talking to Gilligan in the green room, and that, given her age, Billy must've had to wait for a while after meeting her before he could have sex with her. Gilligan entered the studio and noted that she met Billy when she was 15, and that he didn't touch her until she was of legal age.

Although Gilligan admitted that she was a little afraid of Billy upon their introduction in Texas, subsequent meetings they had in Europe went much better, and she eventually fell for him. Howard wondered if Billy was going to make Gilligan sign a prenup, and he said that he was. Artie noted that decision was a good one on Billy's part, because Gilligan didn't write "Tush." Billy then mentioned that he recently met Gilligan's 100-year-old grandmother who wondered when he was going to marry Gilligan. Billy commented that after their discussion, he knew he had to propose.