Hottest Chick Contest Audio Trivia

Check out what audio sound-ups the girls had to correctly name to help them win against their beautiful competition

All of the following entailed Howard playing an audio clip and the girls guessing who said it (unless otherwise noted):

• "Hey Now!" (Hank from Larry Sanders) - Adrianne missed, Eden never heard it, Lori got it correct.

• "Nigra please." - Lori said OJ Simpson, Eden ODB (correct), Adrianne ODB (Correct)

• "I just want to apologize to my wife Nancy...? (Jackie) - Eden and Lori both got it, Adrianne missed it.

• "Young, wet, bitches" (George Takei) - Eden, Lori and Adrianne all missed it.

• "How big are your balls?" (High Pitch Eric) - Adrianne, Eden and Lori all got it correct.

• "Wake up white people." (Daniel Carver) - Eden and Adrianne got it right, Lori missed it.

• What is Howard's sister's name? (Ellen) - Lori, Eden and Adrianne all got it correct.

• Lester Green is better known as this Wackpacker? (Beetlejuice) - Lori missed it, Eden got it and so did Adrianne.

• Who is the person that drove Robin Quivers out of the city on September 11th? (Scott the Engineer) - Eden missed, Lori and Adrianne got it correct.

• How did Artie's father become a quadriplegic? (Fell off a ladder) - Lori and Eden missed it, Adrianne got it. Gave it to Lori because of a technicality.

• What is the name of Howard Stern's agent? (Don Buchwald) - Adrianne and Lori missed, Eden got it.

• "Dickus" (Crazy Cabbie) - Eden and Lori got it, Adrianne missed it. • "Jack Meyhoffer" (Bill O'Reilly) - All three missed it

• "I want the power on god damnit!" (Wendy the Retard) - All three got it.

• "That's hot" (Nicole Richie) - All three got it correct.

• "Hello my Debbie" (Vinnie Favale) - Adrianne and Eden missed it, Lori got it.

• "Eweah Ahhh" (Golddust) - All three missed

• Jeff the drunk coughing - Lori and Eden missed, Adrianne got it.

• "Ah hah, whoa!" (Mike Walker) - Eden and Adrianne missed it, Lori got it.

• "Gravitas" (Keifer Sutherland) - Lori got it, Eden and Adrianne missed.

• "Whatchu dalkin boug dillis" (Crackhead Bob) - Lori, Eden and Adrianne all got it.

• "I never get sore testicles" (Robert Goulet) - All three missed it.

• "This is some bruhaha" (Ben Stern) - All three missed it.

• "I wet my pants" (Hank the Dwarf) - Lori missed it, Eden and Adrianne both got it.

• Which governor named a rest stop after Howard Stern? (Christine Whitman) - Adrianne missed it, Eden got it, Lori got it.

And the Winner Is...

The winner, by a very narrow margin, was Lori. Howard was very impressed with all three of the girls' knowledge of the show.

Gary said he had some consolation prizes for the other two from Steven Singer Jewelers.

Will Murray chimed in that if Lori was a real fan, she would show her breasts. Howard was on a tight schedule though and went to break.