Gossip Game Jumps the Shark

A perennial show favorite, Jon Hein from JumpTheShark.com, stopped by today. Jon started a website a few years ago where he critiqued television shows and has now become one of the top sites for people to discuss TV.

Jumpin' Jon Hein

Howard noted that Jon has one of the best jobs ever, he watches TV.

This morning Jon was bemoaning the increase in Reality TV programming. He really was not sure what to think of ABC's ballroom dancing show Rachael Hunter had called in to discuss yesterday. Howard said he thought he was going to hate it too, but when he watched the promo real the studio sent him, he was surprised by how good he thought it might be.

So was Artie. Here are a few of the shows Jon discussed:--"Rob and Amber's Wedding": Jon thought this was like watching someone's wedding video. Although he gave the "Survivor" and "Amazing Race" stars credit for convincing CBS to pay them to get married. He couldn't understand why--"Chaotic":

Britney Spears new reality show will do one good thing -- show how far Britney will sink into white trash. After UPN shows the 6 filmed episodes, it'll disappear.--"The Contender": Jon thinks "Contender" failed because it wasn't like other reality shows in that it features guys who are already in a physical competition with one another, doing other physical competitions and that just doesn't work.

Also, for some strange reason, NBC put this up against two top rated shows in "CSI" and "Desperate Housewives", pretty much sealing its fate.--"Hit Me Baby, One More Time": This is a new show which will appear on NBC this summer and will feature one-hit wonders from the 80s like Loverboy, Tiffany and Flock of Seagulls. Jon hopes they get the chemistry right for this show and believes this could be a great thing. Howard agreed.--"Lost": Jon said that opinions of the season finale on JumpTheShark.com go both ways. Some believe it was great, while others think the finale failed since it didn't really answer any old questions, just asked a lot of new ones.

However, most do agree that they will watch next season to see what happens.--"Smallville": Jon wished the rest of the season's shows were as good as the opening and finale shows of "Smallville". He said a lot of people on his site are also wondering why the show gives so much attention to Lana, although many feel the show is heading in the right direction now.--"Desperate Housewives": Jon said that a lot of people on his site like the show, but he thinks its in big trouble if the plot doesn't hold up through next season.Howard and Jon discussed a few other shows before Howard asked about "Star Wars". Although his Website focuses on TV, Jon thought "Star Wars Episode III" was pretty good, but since the first two were so bad, it wasn't that hard to make this better.

Howard also wanted to know Jon's opinion on Artie's illness and Jon said that many of his site's users felt Artie wasn't a good enough actor to fake it, so it must have been real. Artie thanked him for that. While they were discussing the reasons why some of the spinoffs of the "Law and Order" and "CSI" franchises seem to fail, Vinnie Favale called in to defend CBS's "CSI: New York". Howard let Vinnie talk for a while and then Howard and Jon wrapped up their conversation discussing the shows Jon thought were the best this past season: "Lost", "The Shield" and "Rescue Me".

He thought "24" may have Jumped The Shark at the end of the season when they showed Kiefer Sutherland walking down a road with a back-pack on his shoulder, kind of like Bill Bixby in "The Hulk". Check out Jon's Website JumpTheShark.com and his book "Jump The Shark" for more TV analysis.

Jump the Gossip Game

Howard loves the ABC show "Lost" and he and Jon talked about some theories about what might be going on with that show. Howard said his favorite show is still "Smallville" even though it hasn't been as good this season.

Jon said people are mixed about the season on his site. Jon said that Six Feet Under had jumped the shark, as well as NBC, the Superbowl, and many other things. Jon said he really likes "Desperate Housewives", but you can tell the show is going to die out soon once they solve the murder mystery. Then Mike Walker called in and they played the Gossip Game. Only one of these stories is fake, guess which one:

#1 - Jessica Simpson was out shopping when a limo stopped her on the street and it was Mike Tyson asking her out. Tyson claimed he had no idea who she was and Simpson stormed off saying she was married.

#2 - Barbara Walters makes herself seem bigger than she is on the View by sitting on a chair instead of a sofa and making the chair higher than the sofa.

#3 - Britney Spears took off her shoes on a plane and they stunk so much other passengers complained and made her put them back on.

#4 - Mel Gibson yelled at some kids to stop spraying graffiti and they did.

Howard and Artie picked #1, Robin and Jon picked #3, and Fred picked #2. And the winner was??..Fred!!