Nothing Like Freedom

Jim Breuer came into the studio to have Howard play his favorite clip of the show. Before he got to that, though, Jim, who hosts "Raw Dog" on SIRIUS, told Howard that he has no idea how much freedom he's going to have once he moves to satellite.

Jim explained that all the heads of the company want is for their talent to show up and do what they were hired to do.

Howard responded that with the amount of programming he already has on his SIRIUS channels, he wasn't sure that "showing up" would even be necessary for him.

Gary Gets Friendly

After talking about the standup special he'll be doing on New Year's Eve for CN8, the Comcast Network, called "CN8 Presents: Celebrate '06," Jim set up where he was in his life when he heard his favorite moment in the show's history. Jim recalled that he was just getting into the business, but was wary of succumbing to the pitfalls often associated with celebrities.

Jim went on to say that on the broadcast of April Fool's Day 1992, Howard had a woman call in to claim that Gary, who had just gotten engaged to Mary, got too sexually aggressive with her during a date they once had. Because he was nervous about turning into someone he didn't want to become, Jim noted that, before it was revealed the whole bit was a joke, he thought he was done if a person like Gary actually did something so horrible.

Gary commented that he didn't believe the woman's story entirely, but admitted that because she said he was drunk at the time, it could've slipped his mind. Gary also pointed out that he had flown in from Los Angeles the morning of the prank, and therefore was too tired to fully realize what was happening to him.

Following the clip, Gary remembered that he was sweating profusely during the call while also trying to figure out how he would clear his name.

Deciding on Saturday

Howard informed Jim, who is a "Saturday Night Live" alum, that he'll be doing the opening sketch of an upcoming episode of the show, and asked what broadcast he recommended he do: either the December 10th one with Alec Baldwin and Shakira, or the following week's episode, which is scheduled to feature Jack Black and Neil Young.

Jim responded that the opportunity to meet Neil Young would steer him toward the latter broadcast, but added that Alec Baldwin is one of the best hosts the show has ever had. Howard agreed that meeting Neil would be an honor for him, but pointed out that another factor that might help him decide is that Jack Black badmouthed him after appearing on the show a few years ago, and that seeing him might be awkward.

Gary informed Howard that he contacted Jack's publicist to find out what his feelings are on the matter, and that the publicist is looking into it.

That's What Friends Are For

Vinnie Favale called in and asked Jim about the sitcom deal he once had with ABC. Jim responded that, before he started working on "Saturday Night Live," he and Dave Chappelle were offered a show that was a spin-off of "Home Improvement," which was extremely popular at the time. Jim revealed that episodes of the show were taped and set to air, and that he and Dave actually appeared on a cover of "TV Guide" promoting it.

Jim went on to say that he was so excited about the series' premiere that he flew his friends to Los Angeles so they could be together for the occasion. However, Jim reported that as soon as his friends arrived, his manager broke the news to him that he was fired from the show. Although he admitted he was devastated, Jim acknowledged that having his buddies by his side after he received word of his firing saved him from breaking down.

Artie Gets His Shot

Artie announced that he auditioned for Jim's part after he got fired, but that on the way to his appointment, he saw Jim and Dave on the cover of a "TV Guide" on the newsstand. Artie recalled that he thought there was some sort of mix-up, and called his manager to say that the program for which he thought he was auditioning was already on television.

When he called his manager, Artie remembered that he whispered to him that Jim had been let go, but that Artie couldn't tell anyone. Artie said he didn't understand why his manager was being so secretive with the information, because he didn't think any of the homeless people by the phone at the Port Authority, where he made the call, would care about the news.