Stories of Hard Living

David told Howard that he didn't know Sam well, but that he met him a few times as he was beginning his comedy career. David mentioned, though, that whenever he ran into Sam, he always seemed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Howard said he felt the same way, and recalled a time when he and Robin visited Sam in Hollywood. Howard commented that Sam assured him that he was sober at the time and then demanded that he drive them to dinner. After finally agreeing to the arrangement, Howard reported that Sam's stomach was so big that it was difficult for him to get into his car and that he ended up steering with his stomach at some points during the ride.

Howard went on to say that as they were leaving the restaurant, he saw Sam taking some pills. Howard noted that when he asked Sam about what he witnessed, he responded that the pills were medication, and that he was fine to drive him and Robin back to their hotel.

Howard admitted that Sam was doing okay during the trip until he saw a billboard of himself on Sunset Boulevard, at which point he put the car in reverse just so he could admire it again. David acknowledged that, although he's never lived that kind of life himself, he observed it firsthand when he was friends with Chris Farley.

David mentioned that when he used to walk around with Chris, people on the streets would jokingly yell out that he and Chris should party with them. Although David said he always brushed off the invitations, he revealed that there were times that Chris would go off with the strangers.

David also remembered Chris being in bad shape at a "Saturday Night Live" reunion dinner, where he had to help him leave before the other attendees figured out what kind of condition he was in.

Good Guy Has a Temporary Lapse

Since David worked with James Garner on the sitcom, "8 Simple Rules," Howard asked if he knew why James hates him. David responded that James is a good guy, but that he's of an age that he might not be able to appreciate Howard's humor.

Howard then played the recent interview Gary Garver conducted with James, which ended with Gary catching a cane to the groin. David told Howard he had heard the clip when he first aired it, and assured him that James really isn't a bad guy.

David Says He's Ready for Change

Howard asked David about his love life and was surprised to learn that he's thinking about settling down. David explained that although he doesn't have any concrete plans, he could see himself making a serious commitment to a woman sometime in the next year.

David went on to say that he wants to have a child, and he thinks he's at a point in his life where he should be concentrating on making that happen. David insisted that he hasn't made these revelations on a psychiatrist couch, but instead through his own self-therapy.