More Marriage Bliss

Bob Schimmel came into the studio for the news, and immediately mentioned that hearing Christine's conversation with Sal was a good reminder for him never to call his ex-wife on the air.

Howard brought up that he was able to find out all the details about Bob's relationship with his ex-wife because he was the first guest who was ever pre-interviewed. Howard recalled that he was a fan of Bob's comedy when he started appearing on the show in 1999, but that he knew nothing about his personal life.

Given this, Howard had Gary conduct the pre-interview, a practice he had never used before, so that he could familiarize himself with Bob's story.

Gary said he talked to Bob about his ex-wife for more than an hour during the pre-interview, and learned, among other things, that they got married in Mexico when Bob was 16, and they were divorced, separated or had their marriage annulled seven times before finally parting ways for good.

No War for Bob

Bob revealed today that he was discharged from the military for being unfit for duty. Bob told Howard that he was drafted during the Vietnam War, and that, since he didn't like the thought of being shipped out, took every opportunity he could to unlawfully leave the base and go to his parents' house.

Bob went on to say that after getting in trouble for impersonating an officer, rigging his target in shooting practice so it looked like he was a great shot, and buying ribbons and medals from stores to put onto his uniform, he was let go.

Bob added that while he ended up wanting to stay in the military for a longer because of all the fun he was having, nobody else wanted him there.

Getting to Know Another of Jess' Friends

Bob's daughter, Jess, entered the studio to talk about her dad and his latest temptation. Jess reported that Bob has been staying with her and her 23-year-old roommate during his visit to New York, and that she sees him falling into the same trap he did before.

Howard then explained that Bob's current wife used to be one of Jess' friends, and that the two had an affair and ended up getting married after Bob impregnated her. To further complicate the story, Bob said that Jess' roommate runs seven miles a day and has a perfect body.

In addition, Bob mentioned that he recently had to use the bathroom while his daughter's roommate was showering, and that Jess told him he should go in even though the 23-year-old woman was naked and right next to the toilet, he should just make sure he didn't look.

Bob also commented that the roommate later mentioned that she wouldn't have had a problem had he relieved himself while she was washing up. Bob admitted that if he wasn't married and if the woman in question wasn't Jess' friend, he'd find her attractive.

Because of what happened before, Howard noted that he envisioned that when Bob comes to visit the show on SIRIUS, the first thing he'll say is that he left his current wife for Jess' roommate.

However, Bob assured Howard that wouldn't be the case, because he wouldn't be able to afford another divorce.