How to Handle Grief

Howard mentioned that he's been feeling sick the past few days, and that he blames his condition on the fact that he ran outdoors in the cold weather on Saturday. Howard then said that he's still going to be on tonight's episode of "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart," even though he wished there was some way he could get out of it.

After Artie informed Howard that Comedy Central has been running a number of promos for his appearance, JD came into the studio and announced that "The Daily Show" was canceled yesterday because one of its staff members had taken his own life.

Robin pointed out that she had read about the incident, and that Comedy Central executives provided "The Daily Show" staff with grief counselors yesterday.

Howard didn't think that would happen at Infinity if a similar situation arose.

However, Tom Chiusano reported that, when he worked for Infinity in Jacksonville years ago, one of his co-workers committed suicide and the company did, in fact, offer grief counselors.