Goodbye From the Top

Viacom president, Les Moonves and Infinity Broadcasting president, Joel Hollander, dropped by to say farewell to Howard and the show.

Howard said that Les and Joel have been nothing but gentlemen during his time at Infinity and he thanked them for all of their support. Joel noted that Howard has sounded like a new man the past few weeks, and that many people at the company are in his debt for all the money he has helped them earn. Les then said that he has already signed up for SIRIUS so he can listen to Howard in the future, while Joel added that he's done the same.

Howard admitted that, now that there are only two shows remaining, he's starting to feel a little nervous about his move to satellite. However, Howard mentioned that one thing he appreciates is that Les and Joel are allowing him to have a final show, which, he pointed out, not many people in the radio business are allowed to do. Howard also reiterated that his switch to SIRIUS had nothing to do with his feelings toward Les or Joel, but that FCC regulations gave him no other choice but to make the move.