Return of 'The Underdog Lady'

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard announced that Suzanne Muldowney, better known as "The Underdog Lady," was ending her absence on the show and calling in one last time to read a prepared statement.

When Howard got Suzanne on the line, she told him that he should consider becoming a more moral person when he moves to satellite, and that, thanks to her appearances on the show, some of his fans have treated her badly throughout the years.

Suzanne went on to mention that a documentary, "My Life as an Underdog," was made about her life, and that it can be viewed on Suzanne then hung up the phone before Howard could ask her any questions.

Howard pointed out that he wanted to ask Suzanne if she realized that the name of the Web site she promoted suggested she was "mad," as well as if she was interested in having "My Life as an Underdog" put on his iNDEMAND channel.

Howard also wanted to inform Suzanne that people were giving her a hard time before she started coming on his show, and that it wasn't fair for her to blame her problems on him.

Although Howard acknowledged that Suzanne was the best guest of all time, he added that he was concerned that even she sold out to Hollywood by plugging her film before she ended the conversation.