Same Old Story

Beth drops "The Late Show" for Howard

After bringing up how he'd like to have Howard's iNDEMAND shows start at specific times – which, of course, defeats the entire purpose of the service – Vinnie was asked why Beth O. was phased out of her role as "Late Show with David Letterman" regular.

Howard explained that Beth would often appear in sketches and as a model on "Late Show," but was dropped after word of their relationship got out.

As he has done every time the topic surfaced in the past, Vinnie insisted that Beth wasn't taken off the show. Instead, Vinnie claimed the sketches in which Beth used to appear are no longer a part of the program, and that she is welcomed back anytime.

Howard pointed out, though, that Vinnie's assertion wasn't exactly true, because one of Beth's friends was the one who actually took her spot on "Late Show." Howard thought that, deep down Vinnie knew he was wrong, and joked that he decided their friendship was, in fact, over after this appearance.