The Mike Walker Gossip Game: February 18, 2005

Mike WalkerMike WalkerPhoto: The Howard Stern Show

Since today was Friday, Mike Walker from the National Enquirer was on the phone to play the gossip game. The biggest gossip of the day though was the fact that the Enquirer is moving to New York and they're going to be redesigning the magazine. According to Mike they plan to move back to New York where the Enquirer started out. Howard joked that he'll probably see Mike over at Scores soon. Then Howard got back to the game. Each week Mike Walker calls in with four gossip stories. Three of the stories are true and one of the stories is false. Everyone tries to pick which is the false story.

Here are this week's stories:

1. Paris Hilton wanted to try turning letters on the "Wheel of Fortune" in place of Vanna White. Vanna said no way, so the idea was dropped.

2. As a surprise for her new girlfriend, Ellen Degeneres filled Portia DeRossi's dressing room with white rose petals and gave her a new $100,000 Mercedes Benz SUV.

3. Josh Duhammel, one of the stars of NBC's ''Las Vegas'', was challenged to a boxing match by co-star James Caan because he was tired of being called ''old man'' by the younger actor. Within minutes Duhammel was begging Mr. Caan for mercy.

4. Star Jones and husband, Al Reynolds, arrived at a restaurant in the Four Seasons Hotel with a couple of security guards. Prompting a restaurant regular to wonder who would bother them there.

Artie picked number 1 as false, Fred picked 2, Robin picked 3 and Howard picked story 4. And, in a stunning upset, this week's winner was Artie Lange!