February 23, 2005
It was time to start Queer Factor! The first contest involved all five guys and had them competing to see who could “deep throat” the most amount of sausage. Right away everyone in the studio was groaning, especially Artie who kept asking what we were all doing. The Spanish guy went first and took in five and one quarter inches. He seemed not to understand what the task was at first because he started really eating the sausage. The American went next and only took in four and a quarter inches. He started gagging on it and had to pull out. Mr. Gay London went next and took in six and a quarter inches. He said he could have taken more but decided to hold back. Mr. Gay Australia then took in seven and a half inches and everyone in the studio screamed as he was shoving it in. But the round belonged solely to Mr. Gay Germany who, after drinking some water, easily slid THE ENTIRE KIELBASA in his mouth!!! Mike Gange from E! measured it out at 8 and a half inches!! That made the Australian guy and the German guy the two finalists. The 2nd and final round was a tickling competition. Each one of them had to get tickled by Gay Ramon, decked out in butt less chaps, while tied to the tickle post. Both of them warned Howard that they weren’t ticklish and they were right. Neither of them made a sound and Howard ended up splitting the prize with them, but not before Gay Ramon had a fun time feeling up the hard abs on each guy. At one point Gary had to warn Ramon not to venture too far down Mr. Gay Germany’s pants. Robin said she was also enjoying the view of the well toned international gays.