The Mike Walker Gossip Game: February 4, 2005

Mike WalkerMike WalkerPhoto: The Howard Stern Show

Mike Walker from the National Enquirer called in to play the Gossip Game. Three of the stories he claims are true and one of them is false.

Try to guess the false story:

#1 - Ryan Seacrest and his girlfriend broke up after a strange night at his grandmother's house. Ryan, fearing his grandmother would hear them having sex, turned on the vaporizer in his room to drown out the noise. However, while they were in the middle of having sex, his grandmother knocked on the door asking if everyone was ok because she heard the vaporizer and thought someone was sick. Ryan's girl got weirded out by it and eventually they broke up.

#2 - Comedian Steve Harvey was in a restaurant the other day and overheard a family talking about their child having brain surgery sometime soon. Harvey paid for their meal and then went to the hospital with them so he could talk to the kid. At the same restaurant one time, he paid for the meals of 12 Marines eating there as a way of saying thanks.

#3 - Rocker Jon Bon Jovi also paid for someone's meal at a restaurant, but for selfish reasons. He wanted to sit outside at the Four Seasons in LA, so he offered to pay a guy's tab if they could have his table. The guy agreed and Bon Jovi was able to sit outside.

#4 - Jennifer Aniston has been calling Courteney Cox a lot lately over her recent divorce with Brad Pitt. She calls so much, that Cox sometimes let's the calls go to voicemail. Upon learning this, Aniston called Cox in a tirade over being ignored. Cox yelled at Aniston that she has a child now and can't talk to her every single second. Aniston hung up on Cox, but then called back shortly there after and the two made up.

Howard picked story #3 because he said Bon Jovi has never picked up the tab went they've gone out. Both Robin and Fred picked story #1. As a result, nobody won this week as the fake story was? Story #4 - The Jennifer Aniston one.