Stupid Bowl: Stop Clowning Around

February 4, 2005
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Today was our annual “Stupid Bowl,” but before it even started Howard heard there was a problem with two of the porn star competitors. Apparently they were promoting a clown porn video they are in so the came dressed up as clowns. They had full face make up on and clown socks and shoes. Howard wanted the girls take the make up off before they came in to the studio but they claimed it would take too long. Howard didn’t understand why they’d show up here in make up like that. He said there is nothing hot about that. Gary thought the girls are into making funny porn but Howard said that porn is a serious thing. No guy cares about laughing while watching porn. The girls came into the studio and Howard told them that no one can even tell what they look like. He asked them how they plan on promoting themselves and their careers when no one can see them? Howard told one of the clowns, named Hollie, that she was hot as hell from the waist down but now that’s ruined by the stupid clown make up. While she was talking, Gary said he noticed alcohol on her breath and Jenna admitted that she had been drinking this morning. She said she had three Bacardi’s and cokes and some shots. Howard told the other clown Jenna that she was hot too and said he thought it was a really dumb move to wear the make up today.