The Mike Walker Gossip Game Live: March 10, 2005

The Gossip Game was moved from its customary Friday time slot to Thursday this week because Mike Walker was in town and graced the show's presence with a live appearance! Mike was promoting his book "Rather Dumb" about Dan Rather. Walker is yet another media guy who doesn't like Rather. Mike said it's not that Rather is a bad guy but Mike isn't sure about what a great journalist he is. Mike said Rather could have avoided the whole Memo-Gate thing if he had just called the guy who sent them the memo. Howard then got into the gossip game. According to Mike, three of these stories are true, one is false, and you have to guess which is the fake story.

And the stories are:

1. Madonna was asked to be a presenter at the Academy Awards but turned it down since she thought it was basically a Beyonce infomercial since she got to sing 3 songs during the show.

2. Carmen Electra went to get a bikini wax but ended up screaming when they put witch hazel on her instead of the usual aloe vera. She's allergic to witch hazel.

3. Barbra Streisand was distracted by flashes as she was getting ready to go on stage at the Academy Awards. She demanded that the photographers stop taking her picture. She was told, however, that they weren't taking her picture, they were taking Jamie Foxx's picture. She was so thrown off that she forgot her glasses back stage and couldn't read the winner for Best Picture.

4. Paris Hilton refused to tell a doorman at a building who she was there to see. The doorman wouldn't let her in until she told him so she called her driver and had him take care of the problem by giving the doorman the information he was looking for.

Howard went with story 4, Robin picked 3, Artie picked 1 and Fred and a caller who Howard let play both picked story 2 as the fake one. And the winner was?..Fred and the caller as story #2 was the fake story!