March 21, 2005
Gary had a mystery record to play from a current Howard Stern Show staff member from when they were 16. Howard played it so they could all guess who it was. The song was a really cheesy dance/rap song that had lame lyrics like, “Shake it, shake it, just shake it?” The guys took a few guesses and Howard said whoever it is should be fired immediately. It turned out to be Sal the Stockbroker and he had a really horrible story to go along with the song. Apparently, he used to rap all the time in his bedroom and he decided to send his demo tape to a music producer who was advertising in the Penny Saver. They called him back all excited to say his song would be a huge hit and he had to record it right away – at his own expense. Sal’s parents were into it, but couldn’t afford the $7500 this guy wanted to record it. The producer was eventually able to get that figure down to $3000 and Sal had to take out a loan to cover half the total and used the money he was saving for his first car for the rest. Meanwhile, the producer and all the engineers were telling him how hot the song was and how it was going to be a huge hit. They even got the keyboardist from Foreigner and a guy who used to play with Alice Cooper to play on the track. Sal was using the name “G Man” as his music name. Of course right after he paid the guys to record the song, everyone forgot about him. The engineer treated him like crap and the producer stopped taking his calls. Howard played more of the song and said it was horrible. He wondered if Sal had a dance he did when he performed the track and it turns out he did. Sal did the dance in the studio and everyone started laughing. Howard couldn’t believe Sal had spent so much money on this crap. Sal agreed it was the “gayest song ever.” Howard called the whole thing a train wreck.