The Mike Walker Gossip Game: March 4, 2005

Upon returning from the break, Howard introduced Mike Walker from the National Enquirer for this week's edition of the Gossip Game. Mike snuck in a plug for his new book, ''Rather Dumb: A Top Tabloid Reporter Tells CBS How to Do News,'' which comes out this week. Mike told Howard that the last time he plugged the book on the show, it took him up 180,000 places on He also plugged his new web site for the book, After all that plugging, Mike finally got to the game. Each week Mike Walker calls in with four gossip stories; three of the stories are true and one of the stories is false. Everyone tries to pick out the false story.

Here are this week's stories:

1. A ''24'' cameraman crashed to the ground clutching his chest while shooting the show. Kiefer Sutherland rushed over and performed CPR for the guy, keeping him alive until an ambulance showed up, just like he might do on the weekly TV series.

2. Sean Penn and a friend went to Jude Law's 32nd birthday party at a club in LA. It was pouring rain so they were happy to see a doorman in a raincoat holding the door open for them. As the walked in they realized that the door man was none other than Jude "the dude" who told them that he used to work as a doorman in London when he didn't have any other work.

3. Ellen DeGeneres and her girlfriend Portia DeRossi got into a yelling match on the set of Ellen's show after Portia complained that Ellen's wardrobe made her look too manly. Ellen walked off the show until Portia called to apologize.

4. Chad Lowe complained that he was feeling kind of bloated on Oscar night so his wife, Hilary Swank, told him to take some Midol. Lowe later told Swank that the Midol was working magic, but she couldn't believe he'd taken the drug that women take during their period. She later told friends about how Chad had discovered Midol for men.

Howard and Artie picked story 1 as the fake one. Fred went with story 4 and Robin went with story 2 as the fake one. The actual false story was number four.