Sam Simon Ruins 'Survivor' for Gary

Gary complained that "Simpons" creator and dog savior, Sam Simon, completely ruined the new reality show,"The Contender," for him - apparently for no reason. Sam emailed Gary to say why he didn't like the show and then preceded to tell Gary who makes it to the finals. He also revealed a major plot twist that happens half way through the season. The worst part was that Sam told him in the email not to pass it along to Howard so he doesn't ruin the show for him. Howard said that sounded like a real dick move to him and wondered why Sam would do that? For the record, Howard said he really likes the Contender a lot and hopes the show does better in the ratings. Vinnie Favale called back in to say it probably wouldn't, but Vinnie also predicted the death of "Fear Factor" several years ago and was wrong about that.