The Mike Walker Gossip Game: April 15, 2005

Mike WalkerMike WalkerPhoto: The Howard Stern Show

Each week Mike Walker calls in with four gossip stories. Three of the stories are real and one of the stories is false. Everyone tries to pick out the false story.

Here are this week's stories:

1. Mary Kate Olsen has taken out a million dollar insurance policy on her new dog, in case it bites someone. She has also had a microchip installed in the dog so they can track it down in the event it disappears.

2. Terri Hatcher visited a Macy's in Beverly Hills to return a skirt that she hated, 3 weeks after purchasing it. The sales person told her she couldn't return it for a refund, but could have a store credit instead. Hatcher demanded a refund but the line of shoppers starting to gather behind her angrily suggested she take the credit so, instead of pissing off fans, that's what she did.

3. Frankie Muniz held up production of the movie ''Horizons Never End'' he's shooting in a remote area of Nevada because his assistant didn't get him crunchy peanut butter for his peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The director had to send someone out to a store 27 miles away to pick up the correct crunchy peanut butter and didn't roll cameras until Frankie got his PB & J.

4. Ellen DeGeneres demanded that her girlfriend, Portia De Rossi, cut all ties with her ex-girlfriend. Portia was holding on to a house that her ex was renting out, until she could come up with enough money to buy Portia out, but Ellen put a stop to that. Portia's ex was seen leaving the house crying when some buyers took a tour of the home.

Howard and Fred picked story number 1 as the false story. Robin picked story 2 and Artie went with story 3. In a surprising change, Artie picked the fake story today, telling us that Frankie never demanded a crunchy peanut butter sandwich.