Howard Saw ‘Slag Heap’ on Broadway

April 18, 2005
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard said he didn’t do much this weekend because he wasn’t feeling good, but he did make it out to see the play, “Slag Heap,” by Mary McCormack’s husband. Howard said it was really good and there was some nudity which was cool. He complained that some of the nudity was “man ass” though so he wasn’t digging that.

Howard said a kid who used to be on the show “Angel” was in the play and he was really good too. The only problem with him though was that he the one showing a lot of the man-ass. Howard said that he and Beth thought the guy kept “popping a rod” throughout the play too. The kid kept changing pants throughout the play and was in his underwear at some points, and Howard said sometimes his package looked more pronounced than others, so they both thought he may have been pitching a tent. Robin said she once saw a play with Jude Law and he got completely naked in it.

She said it was great for her because she was sitting in the front row and Jude got out of the bathtub on stage and BAM! he was standing there in the buff with Robin just gazing up at him. She said she couldn’t believe she was seeing it. Fred said he saw the same play and that Jude Law should change his name to Judy Law because his package was not impressive at all. Fred said it lacked “girth”. Howard wondered why a guy with a small package would agree to get totally naked on stage but Robin thought it was just a “British thing.” Howard said if it was a “British thing” then he’s the complete opposite of that.