From the October 7th Show Ronnie the Limo-Less Driver

Howard got a funny email that outlined everyone's reaction yesterday here when Howard announced his move to SIRIUS. Howard only got a couple observations deep though before he got to one about how Ronnie was making Richard Christy feel bad in the hall by saying he is only going to be here for a few more days. Howard yelled that Ronnie should be more serious in the halls and should stop making fun of people. Ronnie came in to defend himself but then the talk quickly turned to how angry Howard was that Ronnie hasn't had a limo for him in days. It turns out that Ronnie sold that limo in anticipation of the new limo arriving at the same time. But there is a problem that is holding up the new limo, so for the past few days Ronnie has been driving Howard around in a truck. Howard said he doesn't mind the truck except for that fact that he can't get any work done in it! He said it's a big problem because he does a lot of business that he doesn't want Ronnie or anyone else to over hear but that is impossible in the truck. So he went all the way out to Long Island yesterday in this truck and couldn't get any work done. Ronnie yelled back that he had asked Howard if it was ok he use the truck for a few days and Howard said yes. Howard yelled that he has a problem with saying "No" and just said yes without thinking it through. Ronnie kept trying to say this wasn't a big deal but Howard explained over and over that Ronnie provides a service to him, that service is drive him in a limo, and he's not providing that service now. So what is Howard paying for? He is not looking to carpool with Ronnie to work. Howard wanted the name and number of the guy who bought the car so that guy could start driving him to work. Or Ronnie should look into renting a limo for a few days. Either way, Howard doesn't want to be involved with Ronnie's business problems and told him to get him a new car today!!