Larry King Loves Raymond

Howard said he went to bed early last night, but was woken up in the middle of the night by his dog, Bianca, who had pushed her way into his room. After waking up Beth to tell her that Bianca had woken him up, Howard watched Larry King interview the cast of "Everybody Loves Raymond." Although he has never seen an episode of the popular sitcom, he is impressed with it. Howard said that David Letterman saw Ray Romano's standup act once and asked him to produce a pilot based on it. Ray has gone on to become the highest paid guy in sitcom history. One of the things that impressed Howard was that Ray always resisted messing with the half-hour format, even for the series finale, (unlike "Friends" which tried "super sizing" episodes with no success). Robin saw a "60 Minutes" interview in which Ray said he'd like to make movies, but he's already made 3 and nobody knows about them. Howard thought he should take it easy like Jerry Seinfeld who makes hundreds of millions a year solely on revenue from his sitcom -- which ended years ago. Gary said the weirdest thing about the "60 Minutes" piece was that he seemed very uncomfortable with this success.