Sarah Doesn't Swallow

Talk show host and "Crank Yankers" producer Jimmy Kimmel sat in for most of the show today.

He was in town to attend the ABC upfronts this week and to promote the fact that Audioslave is playing a big concert on his show Wednesday night. Artie asked Jimmy what his favorite Audioslave song was but Jimmy had a hard time answering. Howard goofed on him a little because he had lunch with Jimmy and his girlfriend, Sarah Silverman, over the weekend. Howard said that Sarah is very in love with Jimmy and keeps talking about getting married but Jimmy said that wasn't true.

He said that Sarah is like a dude and is real laid back about the whole marriage thing. The conversation somehow turned to "protein shakes" (as it always does these days) and Jimmy revealed that not only does Sarah not swallow his man juice but he's never had that done to him, by anyone, in his entire life!

Jimmy asked if swallowing really made a difference and Gary immediately chimed in that it makes all the difference in the world.