Phone Fun

Howard played two odd calls back to back.

The first was a really funny prank call that Elephant Boy made to a candy store. He explained that the reason he was talking the way he was, was because he had taffy stuck in his mouth. He blamed the store he bought it from and wanted help. The woman on the phone thought he was a girl and kept calling him ma'am which Elephant Boy pretended to take offense too and started yelling at the woman. He said he was a Korean man and then started speaking in Korean gibberish.

The woman kept trying to give him an 800 number to call for help but E-Boy just kept yelling. Howard said he found the next call he played on the Internet. It was of a woman in California calling 911 because the Burger King she was at wouldn't make her burger the way she wanted it. The 911 operator said she couldn't be serious and suggested the woman handle the situation like an adult. The woman said that she really wanted to have a cop come down and straighten things out for her but the operator said there was no reason for that.