Piece of the Kimmel Pie

Late night talk show host and friend of the show, Jimmy Kimmel's divorce is finally final. Howard played a news report about it in which they said Kimmel has to pay $12,000 a month in child support and $25,000 in spousal support. Plus, those figures can go either up or down depending on any changes in Kimmel's salary in the future. So that means when he gets a raise his ex-wife will get a raise too. Howard said that even though these numbers actually look like Jimmy made out pretty well, it still sickens Howard that a guy works his ass off and does well just to have to give it all to his ex-wife! Howard can't believe that guys still get married and said parents should really warn their sons about the kind of contract they are entering into when they get married. Robin said people should just get pre-nups and said she doesn't' really feel bad for Jimmy because marriage is supposed to be a lifetime commitment. Howard said the divorce laws in this country are just screwy and should be changed. Robin joked that most guys are probably better off killing their wives than divorcing them and Howard said the sad thing is that that's probably true. A caller called in with one of those horrible stories about a friend he had who lost his mother to cancer and then, while looking for a better job, came home one day to find his wife banging his friend and ready to file for divorce. She then took him to the cleaners and he had to move back home with his father. Artie said he couldn't stand hearing any of those stories and felt like he was going to throw up. Howard agreed and said all of this was driving him crazy.