The UPN Star

CBS Vice President for Late Night Programming, East Coast, Vinnie Favale called in to say that the best thing Chris has going right now is a new series coming on UPN called "Everybody Hates Chris." Vinnie thought it was the best new series he saw at the recent Up Fronts. Howard was still mad at Vinnie for trying to make him believe the Jenny McCarthy show was going to be good so he hung up. However, Howard and Chris both agreed that Jenny was good looking and this prompted Howard to ask Chris for his Top Women List. It goes: Angelina Jolie, Rosario Dawson, Jessica Alba and Lucy Liu. They talked about Howard's impending move to SIRIUS and Chris agreed with Howard's notion that Chris' HBO special would not be very good if he had to clean it up for NBC. Chris said he'd be nowhere without HBO. Ralph called in to complain about "The Longest Yard", but when Chris found out that he hadn't seen it, he told Ralph that he had to see the movie before he could critique it and invited him to call back Monday morning with his analysis.