Guests? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Guests

Gary reminded Howard that he wanted to talk about booking guests because we've run into a quandary. Howard said that he likes having guests on but they are not necessary to the show. It's not like the show needs guests everyday and if you have the wrong guest they can grind the show to a screeching halt. Howard said it's weird because you never know if a guest will work or not. Like Gary Busey and William Shatner are some of the best guests the show has ever had and who would have predicted that? And Warren Beatty was one of the worst guests we ever had because he wouldn't say anything. Howard said that William Hung was a better guest than Beatty. Gary said right now he's trying to get Howard to decide on whether or not to book Elvis Costello and Glenn Frey. Robin really liked the idea of Frey coming in but said she didn't care about Costello. Fred said they had Costello on back in the NBC days and he wasn't a great interview but he might have loosened up since then. Howard said he'd much rather weigh condoms than interview someone anyway.