Beetlejuice Clams Up

Beetlejuice came in to promote two appearances, one today from 11:00 am - 1:00 pm at the John's St. Bar and Grill in NYC, and The Beetle Bash, where he boxes with some whack packers, on May 14, at the same place. He said he'll just be "chillin'" there today. He was in a really foul mood today and didn't want to come in at first. He said he was pissed because they were talking about him wearing a diaper. Sal came in and apologized to Beet, saying he is a superstar and a comedic legend, and he promised that he'd never bring up his diaper again. Beet accepted his apology and said he'd "let him slide." Sal dressed up like Beet in honor of the great comedic mind he has. Howard tried to find out why Beet was so angry today. E! Producer, Doug Goodstein, said he's mad at the E! camera, as soon as they came into the green room with it, he shut down. Beet says he hates cameras. Beetle wasn't too talkative today, just giving a few word answers to everybody's questions. Howard played sound clips of Beet on the phone to try to trick Beetle, but he wouldn't take the bait. Some new information we learned about Beetle today was that his birthday is May 34th; he'll be 34 and was born in 1936. Howard thought this was so, but wasn't sure. A caller claimed that he and Beetle had some great gay sex last night, but Beetle adamantly denied it, saying he "didn't know who the hell that f-ing guy was," and was, of course, bleeped out a few times. Howard said that Gilbert Gottfried came by today and asked Beetle if he wanted to meet him. Beetle said he didn't know him and didn't want to know him.