Nobody Likes Gilbert

Gilbert Gottfried (if you go to Gilbert's Website, please don't click on anything, it might break) came in and introduced himself to Beet. He started listing his movie credits, trying to impress the Beet. Howard even said Gilbert worked with Eddie Murphy, but Beet didn't care. Howard thought it was funny that they're almost the same height, Gilbert and Beetle. Beet didn't know any of his work and was less than impressed with Gilbert. Gilbert did his "Aflac duck" voice, and it turned Beetle off so much that he admitted that he doesn't like Gilbert and he's weird. Howard said no one likes him and thinks it's the Julius Caesar haircut that turns people off. Gilbert told a joke to try to win him over as a friend. Gilbert said, "An old man goes to a doctor's office and tells the Doctor that he can't pee. The Doctor asks, 'How old are you?' The man says he's 90. The Doctor says, 'You've peed enough.'" Beet says it was the stupidest joke he ever heard. Gilbert tried to do some impressions then when the joke didn't work. Beet had no idea what he was about. Gilbert did his Dracula impression; Beet was still unimpressed. He then did Dr. Frankenstein, but Beet didn't like that either. Gilbert even went to his Groucho Marx impression, Beet still didn't take to him, he said he never liked him and he never will. Gilbert then pulled out his "A material," doing Robin Williams and Jerry Seinfeld impressions, but Beet STILL didn't like him. Jackie Mason, NOTHING! Gilbert suggested they do the "Who's on first" bit. Howard said Gilbert's used to people not liking him so it's no big deal for him. Apparently, Beet had enough and took off his headphones and just started walking out of the studio. Gary tried to get him back so Howard could give him a plug. Gilbert's efforts were futile to impress the very temperamental Beetle, and they will just have to remain not friends. Everybody tried to get him to shake Gilbert's hand before he ran out of the studio, but he just left the studio. Ending the show on a high note, a few women called in to say that Gilbert makes them wretch and his voice makes them go into a rage whenever they hear it. Artie pointed out that none of their voices were picnics either. Gilbert will be performing (only dirty jokes) at Gotham comedy club in NYC on May 9th, 7:30 and 9:30, call 212-367-9000 for tickets.