No Dick Talk for Janice

A very subdued Janice Dickinson came on the show today to promote the new season of the "Surreal Life" on VH1.

Janice, who is known as a very outspoken person and who has written many books on her sex life with various celebrities, suddenly became extremely private on today's show.

She refused to answer any questions about her sex life, even ones that she's already talked about in her books. Janice kept saying that she's a mother of a six year old daughter and she really doesn't want all this out there anymore.

Howard asked her if this is because on the Surreal Life, Omarosa from "The Apprentice" screamed at Janice that she was a horrible mother and a crack whore. Janice admitted that was very hurtful to her. Among the things she wouldn't answer:

— Whether or not she slept with Jon Lovitz, even though she dated him.

— The details about her lesbian sex romp with Kelly LeBrock because Kelly, like her, is a mother.

— The details of her kiss with John F. Kennedy Jr. because she won't talk about the dead.

— Whether or not she had sex with Rick James, although she claimed that his song "Super Freak" was about her. Janice was so tight lipped that after the interview Howard joked that tomorrow we're having on Jenna Jameson to discuss education reform.