Therapist Does Not Condone Fred's B-Day

An account of Fred's 50th birthday party

Howard opened the show this morning talking about the surprise 50th birthday party Fred's wife threw for him last night. Actually, he started by asking Artie where he was last night.

Artie said he's been working on his movie until 8pm every night recently and apologized profusely to Fred for missing the party.

Howard doubted this was the reason Artie failed to show and thought that Artie's being on the wagon had more to do with it.

Artie admitted that he had spoken to his therapist about this and his therapist had thought it might be a little too soon for him to be in a party environment.

Fred said he was really surprised by the party since his real birthday isn't for another 10 days.

Howard said it was at the Water Club in Manhattan and was really done well.

Gary said they had some Brazilian band play and Fred said they were like the Beatles of Brazil, (he really likes this kind of music).

Howard made board op, Luis Castillo get up and dance with his wife because he knew Luis was a great dancer.

Gary said this caused his wife to want to dance and Gary really didn't want to.

Howard didn't think there was a problem though and got up to dance with his girlfriend, the lovely Beth O. Howard thought he did a great job dancing.