Richie Wilson, Producer

Before he got to Richie, Howard played a message from Wackpacker, Daniel Carver, who recalled his favorite moment was when he beat Artie to win $25,000 in the football challenge. Richie was also hired by Scott Einziger and has been with the show for 8 years. He said he was praying for the best. Richie's favorite moment was also from the Hank The Angry Dwarf make over when the dentist, who was going to clean Hank's teeth, was trying to explain what he was going to do while Hank snored loudly in the background. Howard noted that Hank was always good for tons of material and thanked Richie for all the great work he's done on the show. Richie thanked Howard in his own special way on his way out of the studio (you had to hear it to understand).