Number 17 of 18

Howard welcomed comedian Carlos Mencia into the studio to sit in on the news this morning. Carlos has a new show called "Mind of Mencia" on Comedy Central which Robin said she had heard was very funny. Carlos said he was supposed to be on after "Chappelle's Show" but when Dave took his little hiatus, his show got moved to follow "South Park". He said it was still great though and his show had the third highest rated debut in Comedy Channel history.

Howard read in his notes that Carlos was one of 18 kids and his parents "gave" him to his aunt and uncle, keeping all the rest, including the youngest that came right after him. He said he got even though, by becoming the most successful of them all. Carlos said he spends much more time with the mother that raised him (his aunt), than his birth mother. Despite loving his birth mother, it still kind of bothers her that he spends so much time with his aunt. Howard said he had heard Carlos had a feud with George Lopez, who seems to have accused him of stealing jokes. Carlos said he learned a long time ago from the legendary Sam Kinison, not to worry about being accused of stealing jokes if you aren't. Howard gave Carlos another plug for his TV show as well as for his new DVD, "Not for the Easily Offended."

Mencia on Mencia

Carlos had lots of good stories to tell from his days in the comedy trenches. He recalled the time he got into a fight with George Lopez and George started choking Carlos, until Carlos told him to stop before he "went ghetto on him." He also told how his mother burnt him with the electric cord off an iron once. Howard seemed a little shocked by this and Carlos said he was selling coke at the time. Howard and Carlos compared stories growing up in bad neighborhoods and Carlos said there was a lot of discrimination amongst the Hispanics he grew up with. As a Honduran, Carlos was pretty low on the totem pole, saying the Mexicans in his neighborhood called him the wetter wet-back. Carlos told a scary story about being heckled by Snoop Dogg and his crew in a club one night.

Having grown up in a tough neighborhood, Carlos didn't take their heckling lying down and gave as good as he got. He gave so good, things started to get heated, until Shaq stood up in the back and told everyone to cool down. Carlos said he heard later on that he was very close to actually being shot that night -- right there in the club -- and he owes his life to Shaq. Carlos said he has been married twice and has been with his current woman for 10 years, having met her when she was 19. He also said she is very hot and credits himself for making her that way. One thing he did not take credit for was her oral sex technique. Carlos recalled how the first time he received oral from her, he was so amazed, he immediately asked her for the names of all the guys she had done it for so he could thank the one who taught her so well. He said she freaked out when he really wrote the letter. Carlos told a pretty funny story about going to a strip club with some of his brothers once and seeing a stripper who had downs syndrome. He knew there was something up when they called all the names of the strippers and hers was the only normal name in the group. He said in the middle of her routine she seemed to forget what she was doing and started all over again. Carlos said he gives money to all of his family and his brother Joseph is really the only one that acknowledges the fact that the money he gives them is not a loan. However, he said he will always help Joseph out when he can because when Carlos was starting out and had no money, Joseph was the one who helped him the most.