K.C. Is 'Bad as Can'

Former show member, KC Armstrong called in again today. Howard said he had missed KC's birthday and wanted to wish him a good one. To honor the occasion, Howard played one of KC's many theme songs, this one to the tune of the "Ghostbusters" theme.

Howard said KC was supposed to come on today to promote his new DVD, but he seemed to get side-tracked. Apparently, KC still harbors a little resentment over the way he was let go, although he does not dispute any of the facts of the situation. KC said that despite the little bit of lingering anger over this one subject, he's happier now than he's been in a long time and is doing really well. Howard gave his DVD a plug and KC revealed that he has a topless woman portray him in a re-enactment of his last few days at KROCK -- for anyone who is interested.