Thumbs Up From Blue Iris

Porn star Blue Iris (a.k.a. the old chick from the "rejuvenation" clip) called in to say how terrific the show is. Iris said she was only 58, but everyone thought that was a lie. She also revealed that she was 5'1" and weighed 141 pounds. Artie said she must be getting her age and weight mixed up. Iris said she just finished shooting another porno, and that the director was going to send a screening copy to the show. Artie said the director was going to do that right after he got done pouring acid into his eyes. Iris said she smokes, but that she still had her teeth. Sal said he believed she still had her teeth, but that they were on the nightstand. Artie told Iris to make sure she always used a condom because she didn't want to give anyone "old aids".