Earning the Hard 'R'

Rob Schneider stopped by to promote his movie, "Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo", which opens tomorrow.

Rob said that, since the first "Deuce Bigalow" received an R rating even though it wasn't that bad, he decided to really push some limits with this movie. He was confident that Disney, which produced the original movie, wouldn't have let him get away with what Sony did.

The Girls in Rob's Life

Howard talked about how Rob was a guest photographer for Playboy recently, and that he sent him some of the pictures he took. The problem was that Rob was in all the shots with the girls, so Howard couldn't enjoy them. Howard also mentioned the videotapes Rob gave him of girls who were auditioning to be in "Deuce." Howard said that, in the tapes, the girls get naked and do things like push their breasts up against glass or soap up and wash cars. Surprisingly, Rob revealed to Howard that he and his wife of two years just got divorced. Since he's in Hollywood, however, Rob said that's actually the same as being married for 10 years in the real world. Robin commented that when Eddie Griffin, another star of "Deuce," was on yesterday, he said that he was married to his wife for only 11 months, and that was like 10 years for people not in show business. Rob said when his life is compared to Eddie's life, he actually looks kind of normal.

Norm MacDonald: Hooker Magnet

Howard loved the first "Deuce Bigalow," and he said there's no funnier premise than a bunch of ugly guys pretending to be male gigolos. Rob said it really is a funny plot, and that everyone had fun going to Amsterdam to make the new movie. Because both pot and prostitution are legal there, Rob said there was always temptation around him, but that he didn't really give in much. He claimed he was more focused on putting together a funny picture than anything else.

Rob talked about walking with Norm MacDonald, who plays a male hooker in the movie, down a street lined with hookers in booths – which is what it's like in Amsterdam. Norm kept telling Rob that he thought the prostitutes especially liked him because they kept smiling at him. Artie didn't think Norm understood technology too well, because he said Norm called him from Amsterdam once and yelled the entire conversation because he was calling from another country. Rob said that the heads of the studio couldn't afford to pay Norm for his role, so Rob covered the cost for them. He added he was glad he did because Norm is hysterical in the movie.

A Cut Above

Rob mentioned that it was a little weird to have O.J. Simpson on the red carpet at the premiere of "Deuce". He said that many women, including his own mother who was also at the premiere, don't believe O.J. killed Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman because he's good-looking. Rob said David Spade and Adam Sandler, who was one of the movie's producers, showed up for the event as well.

Look But Don't Touch

Howard asked Rob about the entourage he had with him this morning. Howard said he had been hearing good things about Rob's publicist, Shara. She came into the studio and Howard thought she was smoking hot. He asked why all publicists seem to be hot women. Gary said it's because he'd be more likely to listen to a woman like Shara than he would some fat chick. Shara swore she never gets hit on by celebrities, but Gary didn't believe her. She also said she and Rob have only a business relationship. Gary also brought up how Rob almost hit on the show's 19-year-old intern yesterday when she picked up a tape from him. The intern came in and said Rob greeted her with a hug and a kiss on the cheek yesterday. Rob claimed he was merely happy that she was there to deliver the tape to Howard.